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Online Personal Training Terms and Conditions

Online Coaching Services at
To order any of the Services in this section, you must agree to the following conditions:
1. The trainer and Newtritions LLC  reserve the right to refuse program/mode preparation if they believe that the information provided in the questionnaire is contradictory, incomplete, offensive or fraudulent
2. The trainer and Newtritions LLC  reserve the right to ask additional questions in order to clarify the requirements and specifics of the user who ordered the program/mode in this section
3. The Trainer and Newtritions LLC are not responsible for accidents, abuses, potential risks and dangers, consequences and other problems that have arisen or may occur during or after the use of Foods, Nutritional Supplements, as well as in the performance of certain Exercises, Training programs and other physical activities described or mentioned in one form or another in his programs / modes and services. Each user is personally responsible for any consequences that may or may have resulted from the use/performance of one or more of the abovementioned items
4. The trainer is not a medical person and his programs/regimes and services do not replace the professional advice of doctors, nutritionists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, and other specialists.
5. Through their services, Coach and Newtritions LLC do not intend to promote or encourage in any way the use of certain supplements, foods and/or other products mentioned in one form or another in the programs/services they provide in this section. All of the listed foods/supplements are only recommended but in no way oblige the customer of the service to purchase them.
6. The trainer is obliged to send the prepared program in electronic format by e-mail within 14 days from the date of payment received by the client
7. Coach and Newtritions LLC do not 100% guarantee the desired result from the user. Success in this area is the result of subjective perceptions and depends on many factors beyond the scope of the services offered by the Coach and Newtritions LLC. For this reason, the responsibility for achieving the desired goal rests entirely with the consumer.
 8. Each program prepared by the Coach and Newtritions LLC is intended for personal use only by the user who made the relevant order and stated his / her data above. By signing these terms, the user agrees not to distribute any data from the Service (the program) to third parties without the express consent of BodyConstructor (BODY TIME EOOD).
9. The communication that takes place between the trainer and the client is carried out only through the Newtritions LLC platform, incl. coach's e-mail ending "@" or personal messages on the Newtritions LLC site. In the case of communication between the client and the coach via other social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus or other channels of communication beyond the ones listed at this point, incl. personal communication, Newtritions LLC is not responsible for the information and the service provided to the user
10. All programs prepared by Newtritions LLC trainers will not be prepared and intended for a training period beginning after 15 or more calendar days from the date of payment for the service.
By giving your consent, you are obliged tо accept the above conditions.