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Frequently Asked Questions

We currently offer two ways to order:

1. See the MenuWith this option, you can pick and choose as many meals as you would like without subscription. We require a 10 meal minimum, and we offer FREE Delivery. You can pick your delivery date on the checkout page.

2. Select a PlanWith this option, you can select your meal size and choose meals to be delivered on a weekly basis. While your subscription is on, orders will be placed on an automated recurring basis every Friday at 12:00am CT. After that, existing orders cannot be modified or cancelled.

Orders are delivered on the date selected at checkout. Either on  Monday and Thursday.

We offer FREE Delivery

Our subscription process is as follows:

Step 1. Choose your desired meal plan and delivery date from our Select a Plan page

Step 2. Select your meals for the first week

Step 3. Enter your shipping and payment information and subscribe!

Note: You can edit, cancel, or skip your meal choices for the following weeks from the MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS tab in the Account page.  If you do not choose your meals or SKIP by Thursday 11:59pm, your cart will auto-fill with the same meals from the previous week and you will be charged.

You will also recieve a reminder email on Thursday to make any changes to your next order

After your initial order you will be able to EDIT or SKIP future orders from the MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS tab. You can also change your plan from 6 to 8 meals and so-on if you need to order more or less in a particular week. If you would like to change to a new plan, simply choose the plan you desire, pick the meals for the upcoming week and checkout. 

Following your initial order, your subscription will renew on Friday after midnight CST for the next week. If you do not choose your meals or SKIP that week, your cart will auto-fill with the same meals from the previous week and you will be charged.

To cancel your account, visit the MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS tab.

We currently have the Macronutrients on each meal label and online as well. We include all ingredients and nutrition labels on each individual meal sleeve.

You are what you eat. What you put into your body will shape how your body will look. We at Newtritions believe that when you are fit, you look great and have the energy and focus needed to achieve all your goals.

We carefully cook and prepare each meal with our chef picked ingredients. Our recipes are crafted by a team of fitness athletes, nutritionists, and chefs, so you can experience healthy eating without hassle.

 All of our meals are prepared by professional chefs at Minta Restaurant and Social Lounge located in Mount Prospect, IL. We make all of the meals there and deliver from that location only.

We do not currently have the option to pick up orders

You don't have to! Try our "See the Menu" Page which is great if you need one-time orders

Not scared of a little commitment? Try one of our subscription plans! This plan is great if you are looking to consistently enjoy healthy meals without the hassle of cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping.

Remove from fridge.Each meal sleeve includes reheating instructions for both microwave and conventional ovens. Make sure to tag us and Enjoy!

We currently only serve the Greater Chicago area, but will be adding more locations in the future. Enter your address on the checkout page to see if we service your area!